“What does it mean to go on a mission trip? It means that we are going somewhere to do something for someone else. The reality is that the people we serve bless us far more than we bless them. That’s the power of service. It creates a synergy of welfare for all the parties involved.” 

– Steve Schmidt, President/CEO

It's Better to Give than to Receive

Service is a privilege.

Despite common misconceptions, service is not exclusively available to those of us who are financially comfortable.

Service is the act of working to improve another person’s well-being with the knowledge that such work will not tangibly benefit them financially, socially or otherwise.

The benefit of service is intangible.

All Legacy of Healing volunteers speak of the profound effect that mission service has had on their lives, but very few of them are able to articulate exactly what that benefit is when asked. 

It takes them a second to put their experience into words, but the reality for every mission volunteer is that service profoundly changes peoples’ lives for the better.


It's not easy to describe how service feels to those conducting service but it's very easy to see how peoples' lives are changed through mission service.