Our Story

Like many beginnings, Legacy of Healing had a humble one.

While the organization’s first trip was in 2004, its roots date back much earlier.

Almost a hundred years ago, Samuel Weiss and his wife, Delia traveled to Peru and became missionaries.

Samuel served communities all over the country, often venturing deep into the jungle to reach underserved populations.

Samuel and Delia’s three children were all raised in the mission field.

Samuel - Peru, 1930
Mafi and her 3 children - 1966

Samuel’s daughter, Mafi, became a nurse.

She had three children: Gary, Lisa and Steve.

The stories of Grandpa Sam’s missionary adventures fascinated the youngsters and infused them with a desire to continue their grandfather’s legacy of helping those in need – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Gary became a worship leader and financial administrator.

Lisa became a nurse and Steve became a surgeon.

Our Legacy

In 2004, the three siblings and their mother, Mafi, decided to continue their grandfather’s Legacy of Healing and embarked on their maiden mission trip to Guatemala.

In the fifteen years since that first mission, the organization has grown tremendously – hundreds of volunteers have joined Legacy and help to lead the organization with Mafi and her three children.

Medical schools have partnered with Legacy to give resident physicians exposure to challenging cases.

The WSU School of Medicine, located in Dayton, Ohio, is a partner of Legacy.

In 2006, Legacy began offering medical services and has treated over 11,000 medical patients since then.

Legacy started sponsoring economic development initiatives in 2012 and has provided over 2,200 people with sustainable clean water in four different countries.


The foundation of Legacy of Healing, which Samuel Weiss laid down almost a hundred years ago, has stood the test of time.

Legacy has performed over 2,000 operations in ten different countries.

We invite you to become part of our Legacy and carry the torch of mission into the future.

Great things are possible when a group of people are dedicated to healing the least of these and believe in the power of healing service.

That belief is our Legacy of Healing.