2018 project: Chaco, Argentina


Patient Stories


Daisy, Age 9 — Removal of extra toes
Daisy was born with extra fingers on each hand and extra toes on each foot. In 2008 the Legacy team removed the extra fingers, and in 2011 the Legacy team removed the extra toes. She was happy to be like the other children, wearing a new pair of flip flops from Legacy.

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Mission Stories

Legacy Member with a child on an operating table

As I stared at what remained of Rhoda's face, I broke the cardinal rule: "No crying in the O.R." All too common at Mwami Mission Hospital are burn cases like three-year-old Rhoda's. After falling in the village fire six weeks earlier, all of the skin that once covered her face was now incinerated. The fire left no lips, nose, or eyelids, even exposing part of her skull. Her shriveled fingers dangled from her swollen, skinless hand. She hardly looked human.

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Volunteer Stories


One clinic was held in a tent set up roadside. But the most interesting one included travel by bus to a dock to board a boat taxi across the Essequibo River, and then a land taxi to the church site. Did I mention we had to cross a floating bridge to get to the dock? I have no idea how it was anchored and despite seeing cars, people & trucks crossing I doubted safe passage! Due to the rise in the tide, we had to be back by 5:30 p.m. before the Demarara Bridge closed. That was a faith stretcher!

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Our Mission:

Compassion: sending surgical, medical/dental and water project teams worldwide

Illumination: teaching patients and local personnel

Restoration: promoting and enhancing physical and spiritual health and healing

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