2017 project: Georgetown, Guyana

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Davis Memorial Hospital

Georgetown, Guyana

May 25 – June 6, 2017

Location:: Northern South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, between Suriname, Venezuela and Brazil.

Population: 796,000

Language: English, Guyanese Creole

Climate: Warm, tropical with high rainfall and humidity throughout the year.

Currency: 1 US dollar = 205.66 Guyanese dollars

Time Zone: UTC-4

Voltage: 120 v.

Visa: U.S. passport holders do not need a visa.

Vaccinations: See

Water: Tap water is unsafe to drink, use bottled water and beverages.

Security: See

Project Location: Davis Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana


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Our Mission:

Compassion: sending surgical, medical/dental and water project teams worldwide

Illumination: teaching patients and local personnel

Restoration: promoting and enhancing physical and spiritual health and healing

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