2018 project: Chaco, Argentina

Past Project: 2014


Hospital del Bicentenario General Guemes and Sanatorio Adventista Loma Linda

Chaco, Argentina

August 2014

Location:: In northeastern Argentina, the Chaco province is bordered by Salta and Santiago del Estero to the west, Formosa to the north, Corrientes to the east and Santa Fe to the south. The province also has an international border with Paraguay.

Population: 1 million

Language: Spanish

Climate: Arid subtropical region of low forests and savannas. Dry in summer and winter, rainy in spring and fall, the temperatures can range from 50 degrees in the winter to 134 degrees in the summer.

Currency: 1 U.S. dollar = 5.8 Argentine Peso


Time Zone: UTC-3

Voltage: 220 v.

Visa: U.S. passport holders do not need a visa for entry into Argentina, but you will be required to pay $160 "reciprocity fee". This fee is payable online thru the following website:

Vaccinations: See

Water: Tap water is unsafe to drink, use bottled water and beverages.

Security: See

Project Location: Hospital del Bicentenario General Guemes in Castelli, Sanatorio Adventista Loma Linda in Presidencia Rocque Saenz Pena


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Our Mission:

Compassion: sending surgical, medical/dental and water project teams worldwide

Illumination: teaching patients and local personnel

Restoration: promoting and enhancing physical and spiritual health and healing

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