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Legacy of Healing, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, sends medical mission teams worldwide, providing free surgeries, medical and dental care and safe drinking water to underserved communities. Legacy of Healing includes young people as team members, to continue building a legacy that promotes and enhances physical and spiritual health and healing for future generations.

Legacy of Healing began as a medical mission group in March of 2004. Dr. Steve Schmidt, an Ohio plastic surgeon, led a team composed of an oral surgeon, two nurses, a dietitian and a speech therapist, that went to the Municipal Hospital in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. A local plastic surgeon, Dr. Ernesto Cofino and the Angeles En La Tierra organization supported the team in performing twenty-four surgical procedures over the course of three and one-half days. Most of the patients were indigent children who were born with cleft lips and palates, had severe scarring from burns or from other accidents. Several babies and children who had extra fingers and toes or webbed fingers and toes were also treated.


In January of 2005, Dr. Schmidt's team consisting of two plastic surgeons, two anesthesiologists, three nurses, a dietician, a speech therapist and two translators, traveled to the La Loma Luz Hospital in San Ignacio, Belize where thirteen surgical procedures were performed over a two-day period. The team then returned to Chimaltenango, Guatemala, again supported by Dr. Cofino and Angeles En La Tierra where they performed twenty-three surgical procedures over a period of three days.

In August/September of 2006, the team led by Dr. Schmidt grew to include three surgeons, three anesthesiologists, eight nurses, a Family Medicine physician, two Physician Assistants, a pastor, a worship leader and a worship artist—a total of twenty-eight adults and three teenagers. With the assistance of medical personnel provided by Touch of Love, and translators provided by People of Peru, surgeons and staff performed sixty-five surgical procedures in a period of four and one-half days at the Ana Stahl Clinic in Iquitos, Peru. The remainder of the mission group traveled by boat to different villages on the Amazon River, where medical clinics were set up, treating 1,200 patients.

The team traveled to Valle De Angeles Hospital, Honduras, in July of 2007. Five surgeons, sixteen medical personnel and support staff—a total of thirty-six persons performed sixty-five surgical procedures and treated 1,000 patients in village clinics.

In July of 2008, the medical mission team traveled to the Sanatorio Adventista De Asuncion in Paraguay. The surgical team of twenty-two—six surgeons and sixteen medical personnel performed 139 procedures in five days, and the medical clinic team of nineteen treated 1,200 patients in village clinics.

A medical mission team consisting of thirty-four U.S. team members from seven states was joined by seven medical students from Lusaka, capital of Zambia, for five days of surgical procedures at the Mwami Mission Hospital and medical clinics in villages near Chipata, Zambia, Africa July 1-15, 2009. This was the most challenging project to date, with extensive travel to a remote area in the Eastern Province. The surgical team of twenty-one, including five surgeons and medical personnel performed 110 procedures and the medical clinic team of twenty treated 962 patients in village clinics.

In June of 2010 the medical mission team traveled to the Davis Memorial Hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. The surgical team of 7 surgeons and 25 medical personnel performed 154 procedures and the medical clinic team of 15 treated 968 patients in village clinics.


The medical mission team traveled to the Sanatorio Adventista De Asuncion located in Asuncion, Paraguay in June 2011 where the surgical team of 5 surgeons, a urologist and 20 medical personnel performed 137 procedures. Legacy was able to provide clinics in the Banados slum areas of Cateura and Yuquyty and in the indigenous village of Faro. The Legacy medical team treated a total of 611 clinic patients at no charge for parasites, infections, pneumonia, asthma, diabetes and hypertension, administering vaccines and distributing eye glasses, footwear, toothbrushes and wooden toys for children. With the addition of a dentist this year dental care was provided for 78 patients. The puppet show turned out to be a very effective way to engage both young and old in teaching basic hygiene, including hand washing and teeth brushing, encouraging vaccinations and safe drinking water through clever stories and songs in Spanish.

In August 2012 the Legacy medical mission team traveled to Tamayo, Dominican Republic near the border with Haiti where the surgical team of 6 surgeons and 22 medical personnel performed 184 procedures at the Hospital Municipal Julia Santana. The Legacy medical and dental team treated 750 clinic patients, while the puppet and children’s activities taught basic hygiene and spiritual truths, incorporating puppets, face painting, games, balloons, music and magic tricks.

The Legacy water project team was able to assist in providing safe drinking water for the next 10 years to the 382 school children, 7 teachers and Batey 4 community.

Surgical personnel from the Legacy 2013 team performed 233 surgical procedures at the Valle De Angeles Hospital near Tegucigalpa, Honduras in June. Medical and dental providers treated 819 clinic patients with health and gospel teaching for children and adults in surrounding villages and Tegucigalpa slum areas. The Legacy water team assisted in the construction of 2 dams, filtration and chlorination systems to provide safe drinking water for a community of 3,000 in the Valle De Angeles area.

In August 2014 the Legacy team traveled to the remote region of the Impenetrable in Chaco, Argentina, where the surgical team performed 183 procedures at 2 locations, the Hospital del Bicentenario General Guemes and Sanatorio Adventista Loma Linda. Medical and dental providers treated 1000 clinic patients, the children’s activities team engaged young and old alike and the water team was able to provide safe drinking water to 3 communities in need.

The Legacy team returned to Asuncion, Paraguay, the second poorest country in South America, in May 2015. The clinic team treated over 700 clinic patients living in the poverty stricken communities surrounding the landfill area and the surgical team performed 179 surgical procedures at the Sanatorio Adventista de Asuncion. The Legacy water team enabled safe drinking water for 2 communities in need.



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Our Mission:

Compassion: sending surgical, medical/dental and water project teams worldwide

Illumination: teaching patients and local personnel

Restoration: promoting and enhancing physical and spiritual health and healing

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